weekly gems (a bit late…again)


Had fun watching a FA Cup game last weekend!  


weekly gems



I’ve had a great spring break – which started off with seeing an awesome Indians win Monday evening!


weekly gems




weekly gems




my life: meet josie

I am lucky to be engaged to a man who has an amazing family, and I love seeing great things happen for them. His parents recently adopted a 4-year-old beagle-mix named Josie. This event was especially exciting because (a) it’s exciting when anyone gains a furry family member, (b) this furry family member happens to be a dog whose part beagle, and (c) it’s the first time Dan’s mom has ever had a dog! I got to meet Josie a couple weeks ago, and she is ADORABLE. Her and Madison are already fast friends.

P.S. If you think this video Dan made excellently showcases her cuteness, you should see her in person!

LOL: favorite super bowl 2012 commercials

I really only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show (and unless the Browns make it any time soon, those will probably remain my reasons!). As a animal lover, of course the commercials I liked best from this year’s crop all involved dogs. Here there are – I guarantee they’ll brighten your Wednesday!

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