• Feeling: very pensive and introspective. optimistic. determined.
  • Eating:  guac + gluten free pretzels. LUNA bars. edamame salad + rice + quinoa.
  • Drinking: Perfect Fit tea – Unwind at night, Awaken for a pick-me-up. Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Coffee Cake – black, as always. Water.
  • Reading: Still plugging away through Lawerence of Arabia. The Opposite of Loneliness.  The Apple News app.
  • Watching: The last few seasons of Bones. Star Wars 4-6.  Christmas movies. Parks and Recreation, season two.
  • Listening to: Playlists I made in college. Happier podcast. Christmas music. Nothing – just silence.
  • Trying:  To go to bed at 10 at the latest and wake up at 5AM every day. To be better. To not think as much.
  • Wondering: Next steps to take (while not overthinking!). What are the best gifts to get loved ones. When it will finally snow.
  • Hoping: To be present and happy during December. To make 2016 the best year yet. To meet my Goodreads Challenge of reading 30 books this year.
  • Enjoying: Our Christmas decorations, up for the first time in our new home. Walks outside in this crazy-warm Cleveland weather. Turning off the TV and reading. Time with family. BGSU football winning the MAC Championship.

harry potter forever

enhanced-11266-1441312804-6(image source)

Like most children of the 90s, or really, any human being with an imagination and a heart, I will never NOT love the Harry Potter books and anything related to them.

It’s almost time for my yearly re-reading of the books. I can feel myself getting itchy. I keep thinking about how all the Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray and the new illustrated edition of the first book are at the top of my Christmas wish list.

The need for a  Harry Potter fix is only being increased by the knowledge that people I know with have gone on the Harry Potter Studio Tour or will be visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Either experience would have me over the moon with joy!

Since I won’t be having an authentic butterbeer or pumpkin juice anytime soon, I’m going to have to curl up with some tea, pull out my plain old original copies of the series, and read away.

Maybe I’ll even imagine I’m in the Gryffindor common room while I’m at it!

My Life: What’s Up

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What’s New:

  • She’s okay now, but Madison hurt her leg playing two weeks ago. She was crying and couldn’t put any weight on it, so we took her to the ER vet. The vet said she probably partially tore something in her leg, so we’ve made sure she’s been taking it easy, not walking up and down stairs a lot, not jumping on and off furniture, etc. We also found out she has arthritis in both her back legs, so we are looking into the best ways to help her.
  • This season our team hosted an invitational meet that is annually held between the three high schools in the district and local private high school. It hadn’t been held at our school in almost ten years, but we worked really hard and pulled it off! It went well and I’m glad it’s over.
  • This winter has been brutual! Our district used six calamity days in January alone. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up!

What I am…

  • Reading: I just finished reading The American Heiress (review to posted later this week!). I am going to start reading The Friday Night Knitting Club next. I’ve heard good things about it; have you read it?
  • Watching (TV): My favorite shows are The Mindy Project, Community, Bones, and Parks and Recreation. Are you watching the current seasons of any of those shows? I love How I Met Your Mother, too, but I didn’t enjoy the first couple episodes of this season so I wasn’t anxious to keep up, and now I’ve fallen way behind! HIMYM fans, it’s gotten better, right?
  • Watching (Netflix): Dan and I started watching and quickly finished Orange Is the New Black. It’s an awesome show about life in a women’s prison. I can’t wait for season two! We are currently watching Friday Night Lights. We can’t get enough! Does anyone else love that show?
  • Listening to: Pure Heroine by Lorde. The CD has been on repeat in my car ever since Dan got it for me for Christmas. 
  • Doing for fitness: A couple months ago, Dan and I joined a gym just a few minute drive from our apartment. In addition to swimming at the gym’s pool, I also log time on the cardio machine and do Tone It Up! routines. With swim season, I am have only been getting to the gym a couple times a week. I love coaching and will miss it when the season is over, but I am looking forward to having more time to work on my fitness goals!
  • Posting: I have a fitness Twitter account I have shared on this blog before, but I changed my username recently from @getfitgetstrong to @kcdaily_fit. In addition to my personal Instagram @beagleandbear (which I am a bit obsessed with), I have a fitness Instagram @beagleandbear_fit. Feel free to follow me!
  • Loving: Madison is recovering well, the days are getting longer again, curling up on the couch with a big cup of tea and a book, the White Barn Candle’s scent Winter, snacking on pretzel sticks.

What is new with you? 

weekly gems

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest



weekly gems

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

outfit envy: stylish sweatshirts

It’s finally starting snowing significantly on a regular basis in Cleveland. Mother Nature seems to want to catch up on all the snow she didn’t send earlier this winter, and when it’s not snowing, it’s either raining or super windy. All this cold and messy weather makes me want to curl up with a good book (like all seven Harry Potter novels for the millionth time) and a cup of tea (like this), while decked out in one these comfy but stylish sweatshirts:

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Anyone else take to hibernating when the weather gets gross? What do you do when you are lounging around your house, and what comfy clothes have you had your eye on?
*If for some reason you are having trouble leaving a comment, please e-mail me at or leave me a comment on Beagle and Bear’s Facebook page. Thanks for your help with this issue!

things that are making me happy (and grateful!)

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, and all that celebration entails
  • Favorite Thanksgiving foods like cranberry slices from the can, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, green beans, sweet potato casserole, strawberry pretzel jello, pumpkin pie (pictured above), sugar cookies shaped like turkey, and, of course, actual turkey!
  • Helping my dad put up our outdoor Christmas lights
  • Walks with my dogs during which they run through fallen leaves
  • Baking mini-muffins and cookies
  • Watching the high school swim team I coach grow closer as a group and improve athletically as we prepare for our first meet!
  • Discovering where Zumba classes are offered in my area
  • Exploring all the gift guides my favorite sites and blogs are publishing (a round-up will be coming soon!)
  • Waking up to sweet voicemails from Daniel
  • The weather being cool enough to dress in layers, scarves, and boots, but not snowy and cold enough to be an everyday challenge
  • Getting sucked into ridiculous movies my dad finds on the broadcast TV’s digital sub-channels
  • Drinking big cups of tea and coffee (homemade or Starbucks holiday drinks) while curling up with a big blanket and a good book (like this one)
What is make you feel happy and grateful today? I hope lots – Happy Thanksgiving!

use it: favorite teas

Happy November, everyone! : ) It seems like fall is finally underway here in Ohio, with the all the trees’ leaves changed or fallen and the temperatures in the 50s. Since it’s officially “jacket weather,” I’m pretty much craving huge cups of hot tea all the time. That being said, I do have some favorites:

Celestial Seasonings is my go-to tea when I am craving a hot fruity drink. It’s yummy, low in price, and can be found in almost every grocery store. I love all the (caffeine free) flavors in the fruit tea sampler: Raspberry Zinger, Country Peach Passion, Wild Berry Zinger, True Blueberry, and Wild Cherry Berry.
Twinings of London is my “everyday” tea. I adore the English Breakfast tea for the rare mornings when I don’t want coffee or in many afternoons that I need a pick-me-up. I even have decaffeinated English Breakfast tea at night before bed when I’m stressed out or sick. I also love Twinings’ black tea fruit fusions: mixed berry, blackcurrant breeze, and pomegranate delight are my favorites.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Tazo teas can be found at the grocery store or at Starbucks. My alma mater has a Starbucks in its student union that is on meal plan, and I would grab cups of tea before class or studying. Tazo Awake tea probably the best tea alternative to coffee that I have found. Tazo’s Passion tea is delicious, as is its Wild Orange tea (At Starbucks, you get two tea bags with a venti tea, so sometimes I combine one Passion and one Wild Orange. Yummy!).

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Stash tea is my favorite hard-to-find tea (at least in Ohio!). Some varieties are available in some grocery stores, but your best bet is to order them online. My absolute favorite flavor is Licorice Spice. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you’ve gained a taste for it, you’re obsessed. I also love Lemon Blossom, Wild Raspberry, Mango Passionfruit, Blueberry, and Strawberry Pomegranate, Peppermint, and Chamomile.
What about you – Do you drink tea? What are your favorites?

my life: 21 things I learned in college

  1. You are much stronger than you think you are.
  2. It is possible to be young and have fun while also making healthy choices.
  3. The best way to re-energize during study sessions is to drink a cup of coffee and then take a 20-minute nap.
  4. My parents are smarter and more generous than I ever realized (and I really did think they were smart and generous before!), and my grandma is my biggest inspiration.
  5. What you learn from your educational experience cannot always be measured in a grade.
  6. Binders, Post-It notes, a planner, highlighters, and file folders are all essential organizational tools.
  7. The ability to truly forgive is rare and important.
  8. Eating decently, getting enough sleep, exercise, going to church, having a pet, calling home often, drinking plenty of tea, practicing gratitude, and having a fully loaded and charged iPod are all key to staying emotionally balanced.
  9. Downtown Bowling Green is west of campus, not north of it.
  10. Nothing is more important than family.
  11. Most people are doing the best that they can, and if they aren’t, they need your faith in them more than ever.
  12. Do not wear flip flops on a rainy day.
  13. I have amazing friends who are truly incredible people.
  14. Living with integrity means treating others the way you want to be treated.
  15. Whoever invented pizza is a genius.
  16. Love should not be the sole basis of a relationship.
  17. The Greater Cleveland area is an awesome place to grow up and live.
  18. Breakfast food is an acceptable meal choice at any time of the day.
  19. Things will only go as you planned about 50% of the time, and the other 50% of the time, will work out okay in the end anyway.
  20. You never know how much of an impact you have had on someone’s life or how much someone will come to mean to you.
  21. I was meant to be a teacher.

royal wedding

Hey, everyone! Sorry for my absence this week. It’s my last week of student teaching and things have been craaaaaazy (as well as bittersweet). I am looking forward to returning to the blog full-force next week!

Are you excited for the royal wedding this Friday? I most certainly am! After all, it combines things I love – history, tradition, weddings, royalty, Britain, Kate Middleton’s style, etc. I won’t be watching live – I have that pesky last day of student teaching ; ) I will be making my family DVR it for me, though, and fully plan to watch it while drinking English breakfast tea & eating scones. In the spirit of the royal wedding, here’s some fun memorabilia that’s floating about:
Wedgewood china and tin…
…a tea towel…

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

…and my personal favorite, PEZ dispensers : )
For awesome royal wedding coverage, I recommend you check out People & Glamour, along with the official wedding website! Can’t wait to see Kate’s dress!