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I have been reading Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin for a couple months now. I highly recommend it if you are interested in political biographies and/or the American Civil War from the perspective of the North, though you might need to take a break every once in awhile (it’s really long and very detailed! I’ve paused and read a couple light novels in between).

There is a lot of inspiration to be found in Team of Rivals and the historical andecotes and political profiles it provides. Goodwin often talks about how Lincoln was very self-aware and took whatever actions he needed to in order to keep his spirits and his hope high. She references current research to explain why having hope is key in troubling times:

” ‘Having hope,’ writes Daniel Goleman in his study of emotional intelligence, ‘means that one will not give in to overwhelming anxiety, a defeatist attitude, or depression in the face of difficult challenges or setbacks.’ Hope is ‘more than the sunny view that everything will turn out all right’; it is ‘believing you have the will and the way to accomplish your goals.’ ”


You can do it! Never lose hope!




recent inspirations: you can go farther

I am a total magazine addict. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my all-time favorites is Self. It always makes me feel comforted, capable, and energized. Self has a great feature called “A Moment to Yourself.” I’m a bit very behind in my magazine reading, and while looking through the parts of Self’s February 2012 issue that I hadn’t looked at yet, I revisited the issue’s A Moment to Yourself and felt galvanized. It was exactly what I needed right about now, and I had to share it with you:


“Seek new horizons. Once upon a time, we believed the world was flat – that beyond a certain point, there would be nowhere to go. And though we now know the world is round, we still fear falling off imaginary edges, too often thinking there’s only so far we can stretch, so hard we can push. The most dangerous limits are those in our own head. When you fell you’re at your edge, look again. You can go farther.”




recent inspirations: re-energize

The long process of moving that began this week and will continue on and off this month has gotten me a bit worn down. However, there are some other things I really want to get done in the next few weeks, so I looked around for a bit of inspiration to keep moving forward…and for me, that means finding quotes. Here are my favorite pieces of encouragement:

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

What are some quotes or pieces of advice that have been motivating you lately?

recent inspirations: what teachers make

Today is a big day for me…it’s the Teacher Job Fair at my university! Today’s post is in part to inspire and pump me up for the job fair, and in part just because I think it’s a great video. In the current controversy over teachers’ unions and public school funding, it remind us what education’s main focus ultimately needs to be – motivating students and making a difference in their lives. ***Disclaimer: There is some swearing in this video.

recent inspirations: gm & gratitude

The GM commercial embedded below was released this past holiday season. It came on while I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and totally caught me off guard – I actually started tearing up. In my opinion, liking the commercial has nothing to do with whether or not you supported GM receiving a major government bailout. It has to do with failing, trying again, being supported in your efforts to succeed, and expressing gratitude for that support. Last week with being sick, and this week with trying to catch up on things, I’m feeling pretty darn grateful for the people and the support I have in my life. What are you grateful for this week?