outfit envy: stylish sweatshirts

It’s finally starting snowing significantly on a regular basis in Cleveland. Mother Nature seems to want to catch up on all the snow she didn’t send earlier this winter, and when it’s not snowing, it’s either raining or super windy. All this cold and messy weather makes me want to curl up with a good book (like all seven Harry Potter novels for the millionth time) and a cup of tea (like this), while decked out in one these comfy but stylish sweatshirts:

Source: ae.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: beauxx.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Anyone else take to hibernating when the weather gets gross? What do you do when you are lounging around your house, and what comfy clothes have you had your eye on?
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outfit envy

While Dan and I won’t be getting married until mid-2013, I can’t help but let wedding and marriage plans sneak into my everyday thoughts – especially after this weekend, when I went to an incredibly beautiful wedding of a dear friend from college! I’ve always loved the idea of gray as one of our wedding colors, and ever since we got engaged, I’m hyper-aware of how other colors pop out when paired with it. I especially love the way gray and vibrant colors are used in the outfits below:

Source: polyvore.com via Kelly on Pinterest

I love how using gray and denim in the big pieces like the shirt, pants, and bag and bright orange in the scarf, shoes, and belt is both casual and stylish.

Source: polyvore.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Yellow and gray is such a gorgeous, happy, and calm combo of colors, and I love the way this outfit pairs them in a professional yet pretty way.

Source: polyvore.com via Kelly on Pinterest

I think this outfit is an excellent example of how the color paired with gray doesn’t necessarily have to be a bright color in order to stand out. The use of light purple in the main pieces and simple gray accents is peaceful and romantic.
What do you think of the use of gray in outfits, as either the starring role or as an accent? What colors do you prefer to pair it with?