bookmark it, LOL edition: suri’s burn book


I came across this Tumblr, Suri’s Burn Book, earlier this week. Basically, it’s a satirical blog written from the perspective of Suri Cruise in which she provides commentary on celebrities’ (particularly celebrity’s children) fashion and ability to handle fame. I spent a whole evening reading through it and I could not stop laughing. I’m sure some people would say it’s not right to make fun of children’s clothes or imitiate Suri Cruise in such a manner, to which I would say to those people it’s clearly all in good fun and when you come to my house you can just ignore the book on the coffee table.

You really should take a look at the Tumblr, since photos are always included and add to the commentary, oftentimes being the sole focus and not just accompaniment. Here are some stand-alone quotes that cracked me up:

  • “Either get your things monogrammed or just expect that people know who you are.”
  • “Amy Poehler’s ginger baby is not amused. He is, however, still extremely ginger.”
  • “It’s not cute, it’s not clever, and it’s not symmetrical, which are three of my highest priorities for haircuts and for life in general.”
  • “I feel like her eyes are silently asking for help. Perhaps she’s just realized that her name is Maxwell, and Jessica Simpson is responsible for her.”
  • “Even I know better than to pretentiously tweet about my bad days, even though I assure you I have them. Just yesterday, my chef tried to serve me pancakes instead of waffles, and it threw me off for the rest of the morning.”
  • “Blue Ivy Carter showed up in Paris yesterday without shoes on. Going barefoot in Paris is like showing up to the Oscars in a denim miniskirt. A frayed one.”
  • “All I would want to discuss with the President is equal pay for equal work, and the ridiculously high tariffs on French cheeses.”



LOL: bugsy and malone

This super cute video is a couple years old and has a ton of views, but I couldn’t help but share it. It always makes me smile, and you can never smile enough!

LOL: favorite super bowl 2012 commercials

I really only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show (and unless the Browns make it any time soon, those will probably remain my reasons!). As a animal lover, of course the commercials I liked best from this year’s crop all involved dogs. Here there are – I guarantee they’ll brighten your Wednesday!

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LOL: quick laugh

This commercial never fails to make me laugh out loud!

P.S. Disclosure: my cell phone company is AT&T.
P.S. Full disclosure: I don’t care what cell phone company others or myself use as long as (a) I can communicate and (b) I can play Angry Birds.

LOL: when i grow up…

The photo above is of a journal I had in elementary school, in which I said my favorite subject was citizenship (social studies) and that I wanted to be teacher. I also wanted to be, at some point in my K-12 years: a ballerina, ice skater, author, independent coffeeshop owner, psychologist, lawyer, filmmaker, and journalist. Teaching was the career I kept returning to. As a result…I am currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree in education : )

I think a person’s career/career goals say a lot about what they enjoy and what they care about, which is probably why teachers often ask students what they want to do when they grow up. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I have another set of elementary kids’ opinions for you today! The following answers were responses to the question what do you think you would like to do for a living when you grow up?

Student responses…
  • “When I grow up I want to be a psychologist and report the weather so I can warn people when bad weather is coming.”
  • “When I grow up I want to be a police officer because they can speed and they have cars with hidden sirens for the undercover police officers.”
  • ‎”I think I would like to be a professional athlete when I grow up because I would be able to raise money to donate to charity.”
  • “What I will do for a living is I will make the world a better place.”
  • “When I grow up I will be a lawyer because I like to help people and you get a lot of money.”
  • “When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I want kids to be extra smart.”
  • “I think what I will be doing for a living is I will be a teacher because I love to teach. (That is why I always grade myself. I am getting ready to be a teacher.)”
  • “When I grow up I want to become a history teacher because I love history.”
  • “When I grow up I would like to be a nurse. I would like to be a nurse because I like to help people when they get sick or hurt.”
  • ‎”When I grow up I want to be in the NFL because it is fun and I can learn more about football.”
  • “What I would like to do for a living when I grow up is to become a policeman because I can be helpful, solve problems, and help people figure things out.”
Aren’t the students’ responses inspiring? They just fuel my desire to be teacher and help students reach their goals.

What did you want to do as a career when you were in elementary school? How does it compare to your career goals now?