does anyone else…

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


…feel like summer has been moving way too fast?

…feel strange with unpainted fingernails?

…have trouble sleeping without their dog (or cat) cuddled up next to them?

…wish the summer Olympics happened more frequently than every four years?

…love kicking back with a bowl of popcorn and a funny movie after a long week?

…think it’s just as fun to go through the drive-thru as an adult as it was as a kid?

…enjoy starting the day with a big cup of coffee and morning news and talk shows?

…feel like they could eat Mediterranean cuisine for every meal for the rest of eternity?




does anyone else…



…enjoy driving with sunglasses on, the windows down, and music blaring?

…adore black tea lemonades?

…think August 18th is way too long to wait for The Hunger Games on DVD?

…love the start of summer grill-out season?

…read historical nonfiction (like this)?

…not understand the need for so many singing competition shows on TV?

…enjoy cheesy puns (like the ones in the photo above)?

…think napping is wonderful?


P.S. Thinking of all those the U.S.A. lost in the line of duty, their legacy, and their families, as well as all living past, present, and future servicemen and women. Thank you.

does anyone else…



…look forward to the beginning of a new month for new monthly dining specials and shopping deals?

…love Burt’s Bees chapstick?

…prefer leggings to shorts when working out?

…feel gross without two cups of coffee in the morning?

…enjoy key lime pie ice cream?

…like listening to baseball games on the radio better than watching them on TV?

…prefer Mondays to Wednesdays?

…wish *NSYNC would just go on a reunion tour already?

…have plans to see a movie this weekend?

…love giving and receiving greeting cards?



does anyone else…

…adore 90s sitcoms?
…leave gift wrapping until the last minute?
…drink as much hot chocolate as possible in the winter?
…decorate their mantle with a light up Christmas village (complete with fake snow)?
…make fun of infomercials but get tempted to buy some products?
…actually don’t mind fake Christmas trees?
…wish your car and the roads would magically be free of snow, but snow be everywhere else?
…love eating Christmas cookies more than they love baking them?

Because I definitely relate to all of those!
Happy Wednesday : )