design dreams: red, black, and turquoise

I saw these plates at Target a few weeks ago and thought, “How nice! Cute and affordable plates decked out in chevron!” Dan got me for our three year anniversary last week, and I realized the other reason I adore them: the colors. Ever since that realization, I can’t stop thinking about using red, black, and turquoise together someday in my future apartment or home. I would love to use paint colors like these…

…to put my own style on rooms like these.

This room by Roberts Erickson Design is gorgeous! It’s a bit more luxe than I can see actually being in my house, but boy does it provide some inspiration.

What would be more my style, and just as eye-pleasing, is the above bedroom makeover by Angry Julie Monday: bright, bold, and modern, yet also comfy and relaxing.

What do you think about this color combo? Which bedroom would you prefer to have?


design dreams: throw pillows on beds

Lately I have been daydreaming a lot about the home I will have someday soon with Daniel. I want our bedroom to be a safe haven: cozy, comfy, and relaxed, yet romantic, cute, and stylish. I love the idea of lettered throw pillows because they add an “extra something” to the room’s style while also being functional. Check out the ones pictured below:

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Adorable “Mr. & Mrs.” pillows are perfect for newlyweds.
They can always be switched out first initials of the husband and wife once the honeymoon phase is over ; )

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Or, if one wanted to emphasize atmosphere and attitude over coupledom, Scrabble letter-style pillows to spell out a well-chosen word.
Do you like the idea of lettered throw pillows? What sort of ones would you use in your home?
P.S. Check out The Aestate for a great giveaway of an instaclassic home design book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home. And while you’re over there, explore the site – it’s awesome!

design dreams: word art

I really like the idea of words as art. The word art above are all babies’ names, designed to be hung in a nursery. While I am not a mother and not searching for nursery decor ideas, I do like the examples above as inspiration for word decor in general. Which style do you like best? What word would you display as art?

design dreams: laundry room envy

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

After four years of doing laundry in community laundry rooms, and even though I probably will be living in an apartment for a few years still, I am dreaming of having my own laundry room someday. I like the ones featured above, particularly how they are decorated in a beautiful and/or functional way. I really like the last one – I would hang out there a ton! Which room do you like best? How would you decorate a laundry room?

design dreams: map decor

I have been drawn to maps used as decor lately. I love traveling and geography in general, and I think maps are both fun and stimulating when used in the home. A whole wall covered in map wallpaper is a bit much for me, but I like some touches here and there. What do you think?

All images: my Pinterest