Hello there! I’m Kelly, a 26-year-old college graduate living in the beautiful state of Ohio. While my career lies in the field of education and coaching, I have a great deal of other interests, including: movies, television, books, home design, cooking, baking, health and fitness, fashion, beauty, music, holidaysanimals, weddings, historytechnology, and the blogging and Internet community. I began Beagle & Bear in the fall of 2010 in order to further explore these interests and grow more creative and purposeful in my every day life.


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While the majority of my posts focus on the topics mentioned above – either in general or through a regular series – some reveal bits of my personal life. Such posts include the sharing of big ideas or weekend adventures, the celebration of milestones, family, and friends, and reflections on life with anxiety. In particular, I tend to feature posts mentioning Daniel, my wonderful husband, our adorable pets: beagle-mix Madison, orange tabby Frieda, and calico Harriet. I also like to share goals I’ve made and reflect on their progress and completion.


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Ultimately, Beagle & Bear aims to…

  • Bring a smile to your face and  laughter to your lips
  • Inspire hope and creativity in all parts of your life
  • Alert you to movies, television, books, products, websites, and recipes worth your time
  • Encourage compassion, positivity, and action
  • Appreciate beauty and humor in all its forms
  • Challenge you to set goals, try new things, and celebrate the little stuff


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