fit by 27: week two and three


 The park near our old apartment 


The week of 6/21-6/27 was my second week of Fit By 27, and the week of 6/28-7/4 was week three.

I began my #Workitout100 challenge (number 10 on my fitness bucket list for age 26) with Sunday, 6/14 as my day one.


On a walk!


  • Sunday, 6/21: Some yoga at home for International Yoga Day!
  • Monday, 6/22: Went to the gym. Did 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the rowing machine, and Tone It Up Bikini Arms x1.
  • Tuesday, 6/23: Long walk with Dan and Madison around the neighborhood of our old apartment. I love our neighborhood at our house, but I will miss the part of the park we lived by before. Good thing it’s only a 5 minute drive away!
  • Wednesday, 6/24: Long walk with Dan and Madison around the neighborhood of our old apartment. I had a total of 15,000 steps this day getting ready to move! (as measured by my Fitbit)
  • Thursday, 6/25-Tuesday 6/30: Moving! 10,000-15,000+ steps walked each day, lots of furniture and boxes moved, things cleaned and sorted and packed
  • Wednesday, 7/1 & Thursday, 7/2: more unpacking, plus walks around our neighborhood with Dan and Madison
  • Friday, 7/3 & Saturday, 7/4: nothing. We had guests from out of town (Dan’s best friend and my in laws), so I wanted to focus on enjoying their company and hosting them for the first time ever in our new home. Also, I was exhausted from the past week of moving. I took 3 hour naps both days!

By Friday, I had decided to restart my #Workitout100 challenge with Sunday, 7/5 as my day 1. Though I had been pretty darn active throughout the moving process, I went several days without a dedicated workout. I want my #Workitout100 challenge to be about forming a habit of intentional activity, activity that is purely for the sake of being active, not as the side result of an event or other obligation. 


Madison enjoying our new backyard!


My mission is to eat for health!

Again, I did not see as much progress on the nutrition front this week. I did a better job staying hydrated and with keeping a food diary, but not in terms of eating meals I cooked myself that have plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. This week was MOVING WEEK!! : ) So we were not really grocery shopping since we’d have to move all that food one place to another. Now that we are all settled,   we did a massive grocery haul and Mission Eat for Health can get back on track.


Outside our new house!


No progress. Unfortunately, this week was kind of like treading water. Fitness was not the priority this week, moving was. Now that we are all moved out of the apartment and into the new house,  fitness is back at the top of the priority list. I am trying very hard to be conscious of falling into the trap of giving myself “free passes” due to excuses like “being tired” or “having a lot to do for work.” Life is always busy and there is always something going on, and I want fitness to stay a top priority despite those things. However, I guess there really will be some days where it isn’t possible to fit a dedicated workout in or make the most balanced food choices, whether it be because of traveling, moving, illness, or family emergencies. An essential piece of my Fit By 27 journey will be staying honest with myself about what is truly an extenuating circumstance and what is not, and getting back on track quickly once such a situation is over. Luckily, I was still super active this week (four days in a row of 15,000+ steps! Plus lifting and carrying tons of stuff, definitely a workout), so I don’t consider the week to be a total loss. 

Overall, given that we were moving, weeks two and three went decently! Looking forward to week four and refocusing! If you’d like to follow my Fit By 27 journey more closely, follow me on Instagram under the username @kcd_fit and MyFitnessPal  under the username KellyMT.



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