31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

For the month of March, I am participating in Fabulous Finds by Tiffany’s 31 Day Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt: Daily routine.


photo (4)

My days do not always work out as planned/ideally, just like everyone else, but this is what an average, “good” weekday is in my book:

  1. Hit snooze over and over.
  2. Drag myself downstairs. Drink coffee and sit with Madison on the recliner while dozing/watching local news/playing on my phone.
  3. Frantically get ready for work. Sometimes while this is occurring I get a call from work  reassigning me to a different school/teacher for the day.
  4. Go to whatever school I am subbing at that day.
  5. Follow the plans left for me by the teacher for whom I am subbing.
  6. During swim season or swimming intramurals, I head to the high school, coach/supervise while a caffeinated diet soda and drinking lots of water, then go home. When those activities aren’t in season, I stop for a coffee and then go home,  or just go home (to make more coffee).
  7. Once home, I change into workout clothes, watch an episode of a TV show on Netflix, have a snack, and pet the dogs.
  8. Walk the dogs.
  9. Relax/do chores/take care of tasks for work or other things.
  10. Eat dinner and then workout OR workout then eat dinner.
  11. Some nights I may go out to play free bar trivia with my friends. If not, I will Skype with Dan, relax/do chores/take care of work stuff, or have a phone chat with a long distance friend.
  12. Shower/bath.
  13. Bed! : )

What is your routine like on a “good” weekday?


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