new year’s all year challenge: february reflections and march goals

In January, I introduced the 2013 challenge, in which I made broad “endpoint” goals for the year and explained that each month I would make specific small goals that are stepping stones to my endpoint aims. Each month I will also reflect on the previous month’s goals and efforts.


February goals:

  • Health: work out at least 150 min per week, stay hydrated, & do better with meal planning
  • Finances: budget and stick to it; research housing options; do taxes before the end of February!
  • Relationships: check in with everyone regularly
  • Wedding:  Knock as many things off my to-do list as possible!
  • Career: Give 110% every day and be a flexible and positive presence in the buildings in which I work; wrap up swim season well and begin planning off-season
  • Self-enrichment: try at least one new recipe; observe Random Acts of Kindness Week

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest



  • Health: I increased my exercise time logged even more than what I did in January, and was a lot more conscious of staying hydrated.
  • Finances: Again, like in January, I did a good job of actively monitoring my in and out flow of money, though I still did not write out a formal budget. Dan and I researched housing options, found some very strong choices, and moved forward on them. I did not get my taxes done by the end of February, but I did complete LearnVest’s Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp!
  • Relationships: I think I did okay with keeping up with friends and family, but honestly think I could have done better.
  • Wedding:  I reorganized the rest of the things that we need to complete into a series of several mini to do lists with deadlines. Feels SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Career: Teaching went really well – I did a great job subbing for a math teacher for a week and a half, even though math is not my favorite; coaching wrapped up pretty well with my swimmers doing great at the end of the season and reflecting and planning for the off-season
  • Self-enrichment: I kinda sucked at self-enrichment this month. I did cook and bake more than I have been recently, but no new recipes. And I unfortunately did not practice Random Acts of Kindness week. I have no good excuse, I basically was so busy with the very end of swim season I forgot that the week was even occurring. So I plan on granting myself a personal re-do week in March.


March Goals:

  • Health: log food daily; schedule nutritionist appointment; improve my aerobic/cardio endurance and work on strength training
  • Finances: Complete my taxes; make and stick to my budget; read 2 personal finance articles a week (I have much more time in March than in January – I can for sure do this!)
  • Relationships: give everyone a “proof of love” (something I’ve been reading about in the fantastic book The Happiness Project)
  • Wedding:  Complete tasks that are on the to-do list for March on time; have an open mind and enjoy the retreat for pre cana counseling
  • Career: prepare well and timely for awards night; map out a plan for swimming intra-murals; be a positive and flexible presences in the buildings in which I substitute
  • Self-enrichment: complete some readings on anxiety; fully “log off” for one hour a week; redo Random Acts of Kindness Week



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