31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

For the month of March, I am participating in Fabulous Finds by Tiffany’s 31 Day Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt is: your last random act of kindness.

So far I have been really enjoying this blog challenge. Today’s post, however, I did not enjoy as much. I sat down to write it and just kept staring at my screen. I couldn’t immediately pull to the forefront of my mind my last random act of kindess – or a ROAK, if you will. I mean, I have done small and courteous things, like hold the door open for those behind me, smile at strangers when I walk by in the grocery store, point out the size of pants a person was looking for in the style I heard them say they wanted, etc. And while these are all random and sweet and brighten others’ day, and could potentially be considered small ROAKs of their own accord, I didn’t feel proud to write them as an example of a ROAK. They did not take a great deal of thought or effort on my part. I don’t necessarily think a ROAK requires a person to go extraordinarily out of their way in terms of time or money, or make a huge sacrifice, but I do believe it should be an act that takes some thought, cheer, and clear intention.

The ROAK I can think of is treating a friend when we went out for coffee. I didn’t need to, I just wanted to. With my March goals, I planned do some more ROAKs and today’s blog challenge prompt has motivated me to work on that goal all the more.

What’s the last random act of kindness you completed?


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