new year’s all year: november reflections, december goals, and december reflections

In January I introduced the 2012 New Year’s All Year Challenge, in which I made broad “endpoint” goals for the year and explained that each month I will make specific small goals that are stepping stones to my endpoint aims. Each month I will also reflect on the previous month’s goals and efforts.


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Though I did not create a post about it at the beginning of the month, I did reflect on my November goals and decided on what December goals to work on.

November goals:

  • Health: make attending the group exercise classes I enjoy a priority and don’t feel guilty about using that time for exercise instead of work! Also consume less caffeine.
  • Finances: budget and stick to it; meet monthly savings goal
  • Relationships: make sure I thank those in my life for the ways they enrich it
  • Wedding: Ask for help with planning and start figure out best florist/flower option
  • Career: reflect on how my first quarter of teaching went and make/implement plans on how to improve the second; start swim season off on a great note with the students, continue working on fundraisers, and get all home meet preparations done well ahead of time
  • Self-enrichment: schedule regular pockets of time to myself to unwind (read a book for fun, bake, cook, watch a movie without also grading, BLOG, etc.) and don’t feel guilty about doing so!

November reflections:

Health: I did attend a couple yoga/pilates classes, but I didn’t do as great a job as I wanted to, mainly because swim season began full force along and I was working to balance it alongside my full-time long term sub position, which I was still in at the time. Due to that juggle, I did not do great at consuming less caffeine, as you can probably imagine. Finances: Didn’t do so great at budgeting, but did meet savings goal. Relationships: I think I did well at showing others I am grateful for them, but one can always do better. Wedding: I did ask for help. Career: I did reflect on how my first quarter of teaching went and implemented plans on how to improve the second, but in November I found out my long-term position was coming to a close, so I focused on providing the teacher taking over and the students with the best transition possible. I do believe swim season goals were met well. Self-enrichment: I did do a good job of finding time to myself, though not of not feeling guilty about it.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


December goals:

  • Health: Work out regularly (min 150 minutes a week) and cook for myself more (to save calories and money).
  • Finances: Spend wisely when I do spend (as it is almost unavoidable during the holiday season). Save as much as I can.
  • Relationships: Spend as much time with family and friends as possible and give thoughtful holiday gifts.
  • Wedding: Figure out florist/flower options and take care of it, map out honeymoon options, book a place for our picnic reception, send out save the dates for wedding day and picnic, and look for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.
  • Career: Give 110% every day and be a flexible and positive presence in the buildings in which I work. Stay on top of planning ahead for swimming and continue learning more about coaching and the sport.
  • Self-enrichment: Allow myself to relax when I feel anxious. Finish Team of Rivals!

December reflections:

Health: I did better at attending yoga/pilates class in December than I did in November and searched for apps to use for working out at home. Didn’t do so great with cooking for myself. Finances: I did spend wisely on gifts and wedding expenses, though some unexpected expenses came up with the vet and my family pets. Relationships: Did well with these goals! Wedding: Basically failed at all wedding goals. January is going to be busy with wedding things!! Career: Did well with career goals, though I could procrasinate less on getting things taken care of, as in all aspects of my life. Self-enrichment: Tried harder to relax when necessary. And finally finished Team of Rivals, which was excellent!

Overall I think November and December went better than expected, though not perfect, of course. I will post soon about my reflections on 2012 as a whole and my goals for 2013! : )



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