new year’s all year: september reflections and october goals

In January I introduced the 2012 New Year’s All Year Challenge, in which I made broad “endpoint” goals for the year and explained that each month I will make specific small goals that are stepping stones to my endpoint aims. Each month I will also reflect on the previous month’s goals and efforts.


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I obviously haven’t posted in awhile, mainly because I have been completely overwhelmed with work – still trying to adjust to a rhythm that works for me. I did, however, write October goals at the beginning of October, though I did not post them here. I realized this weekend, it’s almost then end of October and I haven’t shared them yet! So here we go:

September goals:

  • Health: continue practicing healthy eating habits and workout a couple times a week
  • Finances: budget and make first student loan payment
  • Relationships: show loved ones my love for them
  • Wedding: Book a photographer and update to-do list/plans
  • Career: find a rhythm/routine that works for teaching full-time and stick to it; finish preseason plans for 2012-13 swim season
  • Self-enrichment: learn more about stress and anxiety and coping techniques


September reflections:

Health: my eating habits got a bit wacky again, but I managed to get back on track and workout more than in August. Finances: Budgeting was tricky this month due to the timing of paychecks from summer job and the new job, but I did get my first student loan payment knocked out, which felt awesome! Relationships: As always with goals about treating others well and with love, I think I did decently but could have done better. Wedding: Wedding planning took a total back-burner this month. Didn’t get anything done, eek! Career: By the end of the month I had a better rhythm going and pre-season was in swing. Still need to cement this rhythm/routine though. Pretty sure I will feel like this all year, but from what more experienced teachers have told me, it will get better with time. Self-enrichment: I am doing my best to learn more about stress and coping techniques. I’ve started counseling again part-time to do so and reading about it on my own.




October goals:

  • Health: get enough sleep
  • Finances: budget and stick to it
  • Relationships: try to balance relationships with work in a good way
  • Wedding: BOOK A PHOTOGRAPHER and go bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Career: stay on top of to-do list and fundraising for swimming
  • Self-enrichment: take time to a read a fun book or listen to history podcasts