bucket list: fall 2012

Every time a new season rolls around, I think about all the reasons why that one has to be my favorite. And every year, when fall arrives, I wonder how I even questioned which season takes top honors. I ADORE autumn and embrace every second of it! Pumpkin and apple flavored everything? Cool crisp weather? Sweatshirts and boots and layers galore? Football? Start of the holiday season? Does it get any better?!


So while I wasn’t super successful at my summer 2012 bucket list (only completing numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9), I’m of course making one for fall, too. After all, it’s a bucket list – you write down all you hope to do and achieve, and make the best of it!

  1. Bake something with pumpkin in it and/or make caramel apples.
  2. Clock in miles on a trail (running, biking, walking, whatever) and take in all the different colored leaves.
  3. Attend a football game of the high school where I work.
  4. Have a campfire, make s’mores, and drink hot chocolate.
  5. Make a new decoration each for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  6. Rake up a big pile of leaves and then jump in it
  7. Try some new healthy casseroles and soups that can be made in a slow cooker.
  8. Watch a scary movie I haven’t seen before.
  9. Go on a hayride and/or go to a festival.
  10. Carve pumpkins.

What are your favorite things about fall? What plans do you have for the 2012 season?




  1. Katie · September 20, 2012

    As always, I love your goals! I’m going to have to come up with some new ones of my own! Check out my Pinterest board for numbers 1 & 7. I have some healthy recipes for sure, and I think I pinned something for cute mini pumpkin pies and some 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies (I think it’s spice cake and pumpkin pie mix). 🙂


    • Kelly · September 27, 2012

      I will definitely have to check those out! Thanks! : )


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