my life: hello again and some great news!

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Hello everyone! Long time, no see, huh? Sorry about that. It’s not because I’m still sick like in my last post! No, luckily, the absence has been due to something truly wonderful that occurred around the same time – A JOB : )  I have accepted a position as a full-year, long-term substitute for a teacher on a year-long leave of absence. The best parts of this development (other than getting to do what I love and get paid for it)? It’s at my alma mater, the school where I am also the head swim coach. I’m mega-comfortable with the building itself, have the most supportive co-workers ever because I’ve known them for years, and I’m teaching U.S. government, which I have experience with because I taught it during student teaching. Plus, since I am living with my parents right now, it’s a two minute commute!

The worst parts of this development? The sudden and complete lack of time to do anything besides drink coffee, go to school, go home, drink coffee, plan, and grade. The first year of teaching is totally overwhelming and exhausting. Just think about it: you are creating all your lesson plans/strategies and gathering all your teaching resources from scratch, you don’t have a routine set yet that you can fall back into so you’re trying to find a rhythm that works well for you, you’re still relatively inexperienced at classroom management, and while you have led a classroom before, it’s the first time the ultimate responsibility for everything falls directly onto you. It’s a lot to take in and balance.


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest



It’s definitely a challenge…but I love challenges. They drive me to try my hardest, do my best, learn lessons, and do it again. Have I been stressed? yes. Have I felt lost? yes. Have I had some victories? yes. Is making me happy? totally.

I want to thank you all for your support the past year during the discouraging job search. While this isn’t a permanent position, it is an incredible opportunity and you better believe I’m going to embrace every second of it!

…which means, as you can probably guess from the date between my last post and this one, that I won’t be able to blog as much. I’d like to say this is temporary, just until I get into a routine, but once I get into a routine swim season will be starting and I’ll be thrown for a loop some more. I am for sure going to continue blogging – because I love it and it’s a great creative outlet – but I can’t do five posts a week anymore. I’m not sure how often I was doing that this summer anyway, unfortunately, but it was always my plan and, even though this is a hobby I do for my own enjoyment, I would feel guilty if I didn’t! Crazy, right?! So just to be upfront with myself and you all, my awesome readers, I will most likely only be doing 2-3 posts a week for the near future. If you are looking for other places for entertainment and inspiration on the other days or just in general, be sure to check out my recommended reads page!



Again, thank you all for your support. It means the world to me on this journey! What is new with you? Any exciting developments, challenges, or victories? What topics would you like to see focused on with only a couple posts a week?

Hope all is well with everyone! Talk to you soon : )




  1. Katie · September 16, 2012

    Wow! Congratulations, Kelly! That’s wonderful news! So excited for you! 🙂


    • Kelly · September 16, 2012

      Thank you!! : )


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