new year’s all year challenge: june reflections and july goals

In January I introduced the 2012 New Year’s All Year Challenge, in which I made broad “endpoint” goals for the year and explained that each month I will make specific small goals that are stepping stones to my endpoint aims. Each month I will also reflect on the previous month’s goals and efforts.




June goals:

  • Health: be more consistent with new eating habits and work out more
  • Finances: become more financially literate
  • Relationships: don’t judge others
  • Wedding: research wedding day photographers and make a “short list”
  • Career: apply for full-time positions as they get posted and continue reading nonfiction books and articles
  • Self-enrichment: practice gratitude

Reflections on June goals:

Health: I struggled with maintaining my new eating habits and working out this month. I began working at the pool again now that schools are out, and I had not yet adjusted to working all day at an extremely crowded pool in serious heat. Some legit stress eating was going on, and by the time I made it out of work, I would go home and crash rather than going to the gym. I did participate in two 5Ks though (The Color Run and Running With a Mission, the latter of which I will be posting about soon), which were fun and definitely inspired me to do more events in the future. Finances: I signed up for a website called LearnVest this month (Bookmark It post about the site to come soon!). I’ve been using it all the time and while I certainly have a long way to go in terms of getting a firm hold my finances, I am making some great progress. Relationships: My goal was to not judge others. Basically, I felt like, as of late, in both conversations and social media, there was a great deal of negativity and judgement going on, in which I was at times participating. It was really getting to me and I wanted to stop. I think my efforts were only about 50% successful, but hopefully I can do better in the future. Wedding: I did almost nothing for wedding planning this month (other than meeting my savings goal!). I definitely need to get on that this month since, as of the 20th, we’re a year out from the big day!!! Career: I’ve been reading nonfiction books and articles, which is great because I truly enjoy learning. I’ve also been listening to historical podcasts. In terms of the job search, I’m trying to stay positive. Which takes us to Self-Enrichment: my self-enrichment goal was directly tied to my relationship and career goals for June. I think I did decently at practicing gratitude in June, but I know I can be more consistent with my efforts and doing so would only increase my joy in life.




July goals:

  • Health: reevaluate goals/change in habits for healthy eating and try each of the nine classes at my gym at least once
  • Finances: complete the Take Control Bootcamp through LearnVest
  • Relationships: don’t judge others
  • Wedding: revisit/revise complete wedding to-do list and start knocking things off! (particularly photographer, DJ, and bridal party wear)
  • Career: apply for full-time positions as they get posted and continue reading nonfiction books and articles
  • Self-enrichment: practice gratitude

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