tv shows that aren’t on netflix instant streaming but should be*

*Even though if they were it would turn me into a complete homebody and destroy my social life




Full House: Uncle Jesse + 80s/90s fashion and pop culture = worth the lesson music at the end of every episode



Home Improvement: Tim Allen at his finest + 90s Midwest suburbia at its finest = the cure for anytime I’m feeling homesick


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


Boy Meets World: Great group of childhood friends + Mr. Feeny = the schooling experience every 90s child wanted


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: amazing comedic ensemble cast + the ability to get serious without getting cheesy = perfect balance



Friends: dating and work catastrophes and successes + best friends = real life but way funnier


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


Seinfeld: crazy characters + crazier situations = a pretty amusing show about nothing


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


Will & Grace: witty dialogue + ridiculous rivalries = pure fun



(and my personal ultimate favorite)Golden Girls: four older broads living together + cheesecake = a hilarious show ahead of its time


What shows would spell disaster for you if they made it onto Netflix Streaming?




  1. Rebecca · June 28, 2012

    Every Boy Meets World episode is on YouTube! I have probably watched all 7 seasons from start to finish about 15 times. Definitely bad news for my study schedule =)


    • Kelly · July 2, 2012

      WHAT?! I am definitely going to have to check this out ASAP!


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