get fit get strong: pump up and power up



I recently joined a gym. I find it easier to commit to a fitness regimen if I make a specific routine of it that includes the same location for my workouts. I don’t know why I didn’t make this move earlier – in college I hardly ever did homework in my room, I always went to the library or the union to “get in the zone.”

In order to complete the focused frame of mind, I rely on my iPod packed with upbeat music (as does everyone else!). So many different songs can motivate me and put me in a good mood, but the songs that can influence my workout the most are the first and last, or what I like to call the “pump up” and “power up” songs.

My favorite pump up song is “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand. When I swam in high school, I would listen to the song and visualize my race in time to the music. Hearing the song reminds me of getting ready for races and swimming my heart out, and gets my adrenaline up like nothing else.

My favorite power up song is “I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)” by Kenny Loggins. As in, the song that is featured in the movie Footloose when the pastor announces he supports the dance and the kids are all driving on their motorcycles to go decorate their dance site. Super 80s and a bit cheesy, but I love it! It just happened to play at the end of my workout a few times, and both its retro style and its positive lyrics (“I’m shaking the past, making the breaks, taking control, if that’s what it takes”) encourage me to finish up strong.

Do you have “power up” and “pump up” songs for working out? Or maybe for projects or big events? What are they?



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