gift guide: mother’s day

Have you gotten your mom (or grandma or aunt or wife or new mom relative/friend) a Mother’s Day gift yet?* I’m not a mom, but from what I can by watching my mom and other relatives, and talking with my friends who have already been blessed with their own kiddos, what a mom can benefit from – and enjoy – the most is just plain relaxation! That being said, I think a gift that provides the chance to chill out is just the fit for many moms. Everything below is easy to put together (even if you’re behind schedule):


Let Mom kick back with a…

Followed by… 

All the items shown above can be found at popular shopping stops such as Target, Amazon, and Bath & Body Works (the images themselves were taken from my Pinterest).  


Would your mom enjoy a gift like the one above? How would you adapt it to fit her personality? How do you plan on celebrating the day?

*The Glitter Guide had a great idea about how to spend Mother’s Day honoring moms who have passed away or supporting friends who have lost their mothers.



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