watch it: movies i’m excited to see this summer

School may not be out for the K-12 set yet, but for the past four years summer started in May for me, and I would like to continue that tradition – even if I can only be in a summer frame of mind for now! There are many things I love about summer (sunshine, baseball, ice cream, pools and beaches, driving with all the windows down and music up, my birthday, 4th of July, etc.), but one of my favorites is the onslaught of big movies that hit the theaters. Here are the movies I’m most looking forward to seeing this summer! (Or hit up Redbox for when they’re on DVD. Let’s be real.)


  • The Avengers, May 4 – I love movies based on comic books, particularly the Marvel franchise. I greatly enjoyed all the movies leading up to The Avengers (Ironman 1 & 2, Thor, & especially Captain America), so I can’t wait for this film! Bonus: The Avengers was filmed in Cleveland! And has some supremely attractive stars.
  • Dark Shadows, May 11 – I never saw the TV show, but the plot intrigues me. The trailer definitely drew me in, not to mention the fact that Johnny Depp, Michelle Phiefer, and Chloe Grace Mortez, all who always give outstanding performances, all have starring roles.
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting, May 18 – I don’t know what I can say about this movie except that it looks freaking hilarious and stars a ridiculous amount of my favorite actors.
  • Men in Black III, May 25 – Any child of the 90s who knows what’s up is excited for this movie. IT’S ANOTHER MEN IN BLACK FILM.  If I have to offer further explanations to you about why this is exciting, we have a problem.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

  • Prometheus, June 8 – Okay, I’m not actually super psyched for this movie of my own volition. Dan is mega excited and I am excited on his behalf. Plus he promised he’d buy me a big popcorn when we go see it.
  • Rock of Ages, June 15 – I love musicals in any form, so I’m pretty excited for this movie just because it’s a movie musical. However, it’s directed by Adam Shankman, who was responsible for the awesome musical version of Hairspray!, and stars a ton of big stars who have reputations for delivering excellent performances.
  • Brave, June 22 – I am obsessed with Disney and Disney-Pixar movies. I am WAY pumped for another Pixar film, particularly the company’s first fairy tale and first movie starring a female protagonist. (Even if they happen to coincide within the same film. I’m not that picky.)
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, June 22 – I love road trips, which this movie definitely has, and Steve Carrell, Keira Knightley, and Patton Oswalt, which this movie also has.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

  • Magic Mike, June 29 – Channing Tatum, aside from being extremely nice to look at, was hilarious in the recent 21 Jump Street. If the trailer is any indication, this movie should also provide plenty of laughs – and even more shirtless Channing Tatum. Everybody wins!
  • People Like Us, June 29 – While I tend to gravitate towards children’s movies, big-budget action movies, and comedies (as the previously listed movies indicate), I certainly enjoy a well-done drama every now and then. This film looks like such a choice! It centers on questions of family and trust, and stars underrated actors I love like Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man, July 6 – I credit the early 2000s Spider-Man franchise for jumpstarting my love of comic book movies, so naturally I’m beyond excited for this reboot. Plus – Andrew Garfield? Emma Stone? Yes!!
  • The Dark Knight Rises, July 20The Dark Knight was not only a masterpiece of the comic book movie genre, but a masterpiece film in general. I cannot wait to see this follow up, especially since it will add the likes of Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Liam Neeson, and Marion Collitard to the already superb acting of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freedman, and Michael Caine.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


  • Neighborhood Watch, July 27 – I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this movie’s plot, but it stars people I love for their comedic skill, like Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Stiller, so I’m hoping it will turn out to be pretty entertaining.
  • The Campaign, August 10 – In this film, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis go head to head as politicians with presidential aims. That enough convinces me to watch this movie. Add in Jason Sudeikis, John Lithgow, and Dan Akyroyd, and I’m set.
  • Hope Springs, August 10 – This is a “movie for grown-ups” about a couple that’s been together for 30 years and wants to rebuild their spark. Plus, I love anything Meryl Streep and/or Steve Carrell does. The end. Oh, and Tommy Lee Jones is pretty cool, too.

Here are some other summer preview lists in case you are interested: IMDB, IGNEntertainment Weekly, Toronto Sun.

Are you excited for any of these movies? Or movies that aren’t on the list? 




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