gift guide, etsy edition: valentine’s day cards

A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, noting that it is mostly just an over-commercialized holiday that puts a lot of pressure on people to have some sort of big romantic night. I don’t care about those points; I love Valentine’s Day anyway. I always have, even when I was little and Valentine’s Day was just about collecting Pokemon and Snoopy cards from your classmates. I love the idea of a day that is devoted to romantic love, but that can also be used to celebrate the love you have for your family and friends in a cute and goofy way. PLUS Valentine’s Day always means chocolate, fluffy stuffed animals, mushy movies, and yummy meals. What’s not to like? ; )

Aside from the above reasons to love the day, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is still the plethora of sweet and funny cards available to send to the special people in your life (although my tastes have upgraded a bit from elementary school when I would send out the entirety of my Disney-themed perforated 24 pack). While I do admire cards by big brands such as Papyrus, American Greetings, Hallmark and online top dog Minted, I always enjoy perusing Etsy for creative cards. Here are my favorite Etsy cards for this Valentine’s Day (a bit aways from the actual day, in case you decide to buy and send one):

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“Heart Strings” card by Wild Beanlore

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“I Love You More Than Ice Cream” card by Oh Geez Design

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Valentine’s Day Peacock card by My Zoetrope

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“Home Is Wherever I’m With You” card by JulieAnnArt

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“You’re Perfect” card by HEN & CO.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“I Just Want to Eat You Up” card by Abbey Jay Handmade

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“Love Roses Kraft White” card by Champagne Press

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

“Obi Wan” card by adelynSTONE
Which of these cards do you like best? Have you found any other cards on Etsy or a different website that you are enjoying for Valentine’s Day this year?
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