things that are making me happy, new year’s edition

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Things that made me happy in 2011:

  • Student teaching
  • Crazy snow adventures
  • Celebrating two years with my love
  • Seeing awesome college theater productions
  • Getting my second tattoo
  • Visiting my future mother-in-law’s hometown
  • Lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons
  • Trying out Jillian Michaels DVDs
  • Attending my cousin’s at-home wedding reception
  • Going to Cleveland Indians games
  • Trivia at my favorite local bar with hilarious friends
  • Seeing the last Harry Potter film
  • Getting my first job
  • Watching Dan’s soccer games
  • Seeing my sister star in her two biggest theater roles yet
  • Being a bridesmaid in a close friend’s wedding
  • Admitting my first job wasn’t a good fit and leaving it
  • Coaching high school swimming at my high school alma mater
  • Seeing Million Dollar Quartet
  • Attending another close friend’s wedding
  • Trying out Zumba
  • Substitute teaching at my high school alma mater
  • One of my closest friends and her husband welcoming their first child
  • Endless, amazing support from my family and friends
  • And tons of little things, like: trips to local ice cream stores, rocking out to music in the car, movie nights (at home or at the theater), coffee or lunch dates, walks with Madison, curling up with a good book, trying out new recipes, shopping trips, long phone chats, eating out at both favorite places and new-to-me places, nights at home spent painting my nails and reading magazines, celebrating holidays and birthdays, visits with my grandma, laughing over board games, blogging, etc., etc.
Things that will make me happy in 2012:
  • More of the above
  • Other exciting adventures both known and unknown
Happy New Year’s, everyone : )

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