thing i’ve been meaning to blog about, use it edition: amazon kindle

After I started a job in Columbus, life got very hectic and I took an unplanned break from this blog. Since leaving that job and moving again, I’ve returned and recommitted to regularly blogging at Beagle & Bear. Part of that returns includes a blog series called “Things I’ve Been Meaning to Blog About,” which is made up of posts I intended to publish in summer or early fall but haven’t yet. This post is part of that series.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

This past summer, at the recommendations of my fiancé Daniel, my friend Elizabeth, and my 88-year-old grandmother, I purchased an Amazon Kindle. I stalled on getting an e-reader for awhile for a few reasons: I like to read in the bathtub, I didn’t want to continuously have to buy books in order to read them, I didn’t want to contribute to the world of books dying out, etc., etc. However, after really thinking about it, I knocked out those excuses pretty quickly – I mostly read magazines in the bathtub. Public libraries are starting to lend e-books, books can be borrowed from other Kindle users, and Amazon has its own lending library. I could still buy new hard copy books by favorite authors or other interesting books from used bookstores. Etc., etc.

So after meticulously Googling information about Nooks vs. Kindles, I went to Target and got myself a Kindle (specifically, a Kindle Keyboard with Special Offers). I absolutely adore it!
  • It can hold SO MANY BOOKS.
  • It uses e-ink technology, so there is no sleep-interfering blue light like there is on a computer, phone, iPad, etc.
  • It’s super light to hold. Not the biggest benefit for younger people (unless you have weaker wrists), but huge for older people like my grandma or people who read often and for long periods of time.
  • You can make the words bigger or smaller (this was big for me, as I technically need glasses to read).
  • Amazon has “Kindle Daily Deals” of the day, in which you can get a book for around $1.99 (give or take a dollar, depending on the book). I enjoy discovering new books and authors this way, and don’t feel guilty about purchasing one every now and then!
  • I was really interested and excited by the concept of Kindle Singles
  • I have an account with Amazon that I use often. Connecting my e-reader to an already existing account rather than having yet another account at another website was appealing and is helpful.
  • I can lay on my side in bed reading without having to move at all except for the side of my thumb that presses the forward page button. So useful in fighting my insomnia and helping me relax/fall asleep easier!
  • There are tons of super cute Kindle cases you can buy and use! I love the Vera Bradley one that Dan got for me! (it’s pictured above along with my Kindle)
If you are a book lover, I would highly recommend a Kindle (especially the keyboard edition!). It’s not going to replace hard copy books in your life or make you go broke. It’s just going to make your packing for trips lighter and your reading-before-bed routine sweeter.
Do you have a Kindle or another type of e-reader? What do you think?


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