things i’ve been missing: this blog

Well, hi there.
Long time since I’ve been on here, I know. I have greatly missed this blog and building connections with everyone who reads it. A TON has happened in the past month or so that has taken up pretty much all my energy and time (like having a full-time job for the first time, traveling for events with family and friends, a four week on-and-off sickness, a broken phone, a broken car window, and a bunch of other minor time-sucking issues). Hence the photo above – it describes how my life has felt the past several weeks (if I was Tina Fey and had a baby, that is).
Here’s the thing, though: I LOVE blogging. I love producing my own blog, I love reading my favorite blogs, I love chatting through comments, I just love everything that blogging incorporates. And I really miss how all those activities leave me feeling relaxed, energized, inspired, and hopeful.
So I’m back! I might miss a day or two here or there, but I am going to do my best to blog again on a regular basis, like I enjoy doing. I’ve had so little free time lately (during which I wasn’t sick or sleeping) that I have been prioritizing quality time for family and friends and not any for myself. It’s all about balance, though, so I need to readjust and allow myself some “me time,” and for me that definitely includes blogging. I’m going to kick-off my pseudo-comeback by writing several posts that I have been planning on writing, but haven’t yet (a series I’m creatively calling “Things I’ve Been Meaning to Blog About”).
I hope you’ve all been well! Glad to be back with you all again : )