get fit get strong recap: week one

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend and your Monday? I’m sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, I’ve been a bit busy the past few days with social outings, work, and the full-time job search. Sunday marked the end of Week One of my new fitness journey, so it’s time for a recap.

Overall summary – I have to admit, I didn’t do so hot this past week. I started off strong, but got derailed by a day that went in a totally unexpected direction, and then never really got back on track. I like using My Fitness Pal (both the app and the site) and my Twitter account to track my calories, exercise, and thoughts, but once I started slipping up I avoided them. I need to stay consistent and honest with myself. The more I record, the more accountable I can hold myself, and the better I can adjust unhealthy behaviors/habits.
Healthy eating – I am struggling with eating well when out with friends and avoiding the concession stand at work. I am, however, doing better about portion control and with eating more fruits and veggies.
Exercise – This past week was so busy I mainly just walked the dogs for exercise, but it felt good and is worthwhile. This week I plan to walk the dogs every day, as well as do the 30 Day Shred or Nike Training Club on days I have more time.
Attitude – I need to maintain a positive attitude and not a perfectionist one. Once I started getting off track, I thought, “Ah, well, I’ll do better tomorrow.” I need to let a bad choice just be one bad choice and not become a whole bad day.
Goals for Week Two – I let my struggles from Week One start off Week Two, but I still have five days left, and I am going to make them count. For Week Two, I will follow my My Fitness Pal account and walk the dogs every day. I will also do a full work out at least twice.
Any tips on how to manage stressful days without derailing your healthy habits?


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  1. Danielle · June 21, 2011

    great post!


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