bookmark it: boost your esteem

I recently discovered this pretty awesome tumblr called Boost Your Esteem. It’s run by a woman named Liz, who writes,

One month away from graduating with my psych degree, I’ve been completely disappointed by the lack of funding for programs and further education focused on raising the self confidence of adolescents and young adults. Being forced to choose between continuing my masters in clinical or general psych, I chose neither, and decided to take a year off. In the meantime, I’m directing my efforts toward bringing self confidence boosting programs and camps to the web.”

Her tumblr, in addition to featuring some anecdotes about her personal life, is filled with answers to followers who wrote in for advice, discussions about staying physically fit, notes on inspiring music, and numbered “self-esteem boosters.” Overall, the tumblr is upbeat, inspiring, and gives off a great sense of community and positivity. I highly recommend you check it out and share it with your friends and any young women you know. Some of my favorite self-esteem boosters are pictured below:

Pretty neat, huh? Have you come across any self-esteem projects on the web or programs in your community?


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