(belated) weekly gems

Hello, everyone! How was your week? Mine was crazily busy – my last day of student teaching was Friday! So bittersweet. I’m going to miss it a lot, but I sure am excited to be done and graduating! My amazing boyfriend Dan sent roses to my school on my last day : ) a wonderful surprise, followed by dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, El Zarape. It was a great way to kick off this weekend, which is being spent working and relaxing. What are you doing this weekend?
  • I adore the couches and coordinated throw pillows in this post!
  • Inspired by Taylor’s excellent attitude.
  • Need to try this chocolate rum cake.
  • Loving this assortment of ideas for a rainy day.
  • I cannot read enough about the royal wedding, and People definitely has the best coverage. My favorite features? The official wedding photos, the photos of the two public kisses, the best hats slideshow, and the photos of the new Duchess’s wedding look.
  • I still need to try Sally Hansen’s nail strips, and these new patterns only motivate me more!
  • Enjoyed Refinery 29’s interview with Matchbook Magazine‘s Katie Armour! And speaking of Katie Armour, love these bags she posted about!
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy is returning to theaters this summer – extended editions! Are you going? I will be!
  • Some quick and cheap ways to chill out.


  1. Kaylyn · May 1, 2011

    So those Sally Hansen nail strips are what I had on in the pic where you asked if it was neon orange! They're worth a try, especially because I literally CANNOT paint my nails, but they were more difficult for me than it seemed like they should have been and I've only had them for a few days and one is already completely peeled off. For $10 I'm not sure they're worth it but I'll probably try again now that I know exactly how I need to do it.


  2. Kelly · May 2, 2011

    Interesting! I heard they lasted a really long time, maybe you have to apply them a certain way or that person was less fun and active than you, haha. I'll probably give them a shot at least once.


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