royal wedding

Hey, everyone! Sorry for my absence this week. It’s my last week of student teaching and things have been craaaaaazy (as well as bittersweet). I am looking forward to returning to the blog full-force next week!

Are you excited for the royal wedding this Friday? I most certainly am! After all, it combines things I love – history, tradition, weddings, royalty, Britain, Kate Middleton’s style, etc. I won’t be watching live – I have that pesky last day of student teaching ; ) I will be making my family DVR it for me, though, and fully plan to watch it while drinking English breakfast tea & eating scones. In the spirit of the royal wedding, here’s some fun memorabilia that’s floating about:
Wedgewood china and tin…
…a tea towel…

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

…and my personal favorite, PEZ dispensers : )
For awesome royal wedding coverage, I recommend you check out People & Glamour, along with the official wedding website! Can’t wait to see Kate’s dress!


  1. bardxz · April 28, 2011

    Nothing like some royal glitz and glamour! I am excited to see the event, too. I remember watching Will's mum and dad get married…


  2. Kelly · May 1, 2011

    I have seen pictures! I think I like Katie Middleton's style better.


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