design dreams: map decor

I have been drawn to maps used as decor lately. I love traveling and geography in general, and I think maps are both fun and stimulating when used in the home. A whole wall covered in map wallpaper is a bit much for me, but I like some touches here and there. What do you think?

All images: my Pinterest



  1. Daniel · March 23, 2011

    I would like to have something like that in my house in the future, as long as it is complimented by a big wooden field desk.


  2. Kelly · March 24, 2011

    ooooo, agreed : )


  3. Rachel · March 24, 2011

    i loooove maps as decor! my friend at school has a GIGANTIC map of cleveland in her house, and you can bet that i stop and stare at it every time i'm at her house. i really like the picture with the door's window panes covered in maps – that's a really clever way to cover up panes without using a curtain!


  4. Anna Walker · March 27, 2011

    My friend loves maps sooo much she wants a globe room in her house when she's older! She would die over these! I, personally, love the last one with the door with the map on it! :)


  5. Kelly · March 27, 2011

    The door with the map is my favorite too, that's why I put it last : )


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