new year’s, all year

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s celebration. Mine was wonderful! : ) I had fun watching a movie and playing games with close friends.

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? I usually start brainstorming mine a few weeks in advance, but I have always believed there’s a week’s leeway in making and starting them : ) The past few years I’ve made resolutions, but never totally kept them (as I’m sure many people can relate to). Well, I’m at a point in my life where I am satisfied with how things are going (at least, the things under my control) but would like to continue to challenge myself, grow as an individual, and make my life richer.

As a result, I have made some New Year’s Resolutions and intend to keep them all for of 2011. As a college senior majoring in education, I have learned a lot about writing objectives for lessons and units – in other words, specific goals for learning that can be measured. I’ve realized most of my old New Year’s Resolutions were too vague to motivate me or hold me accountable. As a result, I have tried to make my goals as specific as possible. I will record my journey of keeping my resolutions in a new beagle & bear series New Year’s, All Year. On the first Monday of every month I will provide an overall update on my resolution keeping, as well as mini-updates throughout the year/when appropriate.

I would LOVE for the readers of beagle & bear to join in the 2011 New Year’s, All Year Challenge, whether it be with one resolution or twenty. We may or may not achieve all of our goals, but we will strive to do so and gain much in the process! : ) If you are joining in the challenge, leave a comment saying so, and I’ll add your name to the list of challenge participants.

Here are my 2011 New Year resolutions:
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  • Complete a 5K race
  • Develop blog further through establishing fixed features, engaging series, and gaining followers/building a community
  • Get a full-time job teaching social studies grades 7-12 and/or apply to graduate school
  • Read 25 books of my choosing
  • Make a perfect omelet
  • Go camping
  • Bake one new recipe a month
  • Cook one new recipe a month
  • Create and wear wardrobe with intention by purchasing and wearing items that match my identified style, can be dressed up and down, and can easily be mixed in with items I already own, as well as donating/selling items I no longer wear
  • Reach a healthy BMI
  • Eat at least two servings of both fruits and veggies every day
  • Work out at least 3 times a week
  • Go to mass once a week
  • Teach Madison how to stay and give paw
  • Save substantial amount of money
  • Give loved ones thoughtful and fun gifts that have meaning to our relationship or that feed their loves/hobbies
  • Decorate/design home with intention by identifying a decorating style/theme and actively pursuing ways to execute said theme
  • Complete at least 40 service/volunteer hours
  • Learn to knit and make at least one scarf

Check back here later today for tips on writing measurable and reasonable New Year’s Resolutions. I hope you decide to join the challenge! I am super excited to start it and share my journey with all of you!

Happy New Year!
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  1. Jess LC · January 3, 2011

    Oh my gosh, I know I emailed you and mentioned the omelet intention, but again, I'm so excited! Thanks for inspiring part of my own 2011 goals :).


  2. Oh, My Darling · January 4, 2011

    Wow, what an inspiring list!!! Here's to a happy and fulfilling 2011!


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