weekly gems (a day late)

cuddly snowpeople!
Hi, everyone : ) I hope your weekend is treating you well so far! I’m sorry again for the scattered nature of posts the past couple weeks. Thanks for sticking with me! Things should get back on track starting Monday. For now…weekly gems on a Saturday!
  • Love everything for Mrs. Winter Wondress.
  • Excited to try this recipe sometime soon. Red velvet anything = love.
  • So inspired by & happy with this quote.
  • I really want to read this book, written from the perspective of Marilyn Monroe’s dog. Have you heard anything about it?
  • This post about being a good friend makes you think…and gave me some nice reminders.
  • These Grinch cupcakes are adorable – love the heart on the inside!
  • Aren’t these earrings gorgeous? And this ring?
  • An inspiring and positive post from Jess.
  • Awesome gingerbread houses! (via Design Crush)
  • Favorite weddings as of late: one, two, & three.

What are your favorite web finds from this week?


One comment

  1. wilybrunette · December 12, 2010

    that quote is a gem. thanks for sharing all your fabulous finds–i always love looking through them!


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